EA Sports UFC 2

EA Sports UFC 2 might be a game got die hard UFC fans to enjoy, but guess what I’m pretty die hard UFC fan I really enjoy this game. The game is by no means an easy pick and play because of how complex the controls are. Some people feel like if you played EA Sports UFC 1, you’re at an advantage because you have a basic feel of the controls, I don’t know it could be true, might have made it easier for me to figure out some basic things but a learning curve is still there The learning curve from UFC Unsiposited 3 to EA Sports UFC 1 was a lot bigger than the one from EA Sports UFC 1 to EA Sports UFC 2. But the differances are there, I played the beta and really couldn’t adjust to the learn controls right away, I was stuck on the old controls and didn’t like the game. But once the real and full game dropped I enjoyed it a lot and adjusted to the new controls fairly quickly.

Some of the new controls are a RB and RT both being black buttons and not just RT blocking body and head strikes. This might seem hard for novice because they want a basic block system but as for a more experience player this is a addition to add some real life fighting. The game took a turn into a whole new direction, EA Sports UFC 1 was extremely arcade like and almost every fighter fought the same way. But in this new UFC, EA Sports went into a simulation type game and to be honest i prefer sim over arcade. All the fighters don’t feel like the same, each fighter don’t have the same move and you can see differences. For example Bobby Green and UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz both do not have traditional fighting stances, and as a UFC fan seeing there stance being inputted in the game really shows the difference in fighters.

Lets discuss the grappling, apparently there was complains that the ground game was to hard in UFC 1 (which I found to be really easy, you literally pressed one button to get up)  and thus changes were mode. I guess it’s more realistic now because with the new minigame the ground game is more impactful, however  its hit or miss with some people. My friend whose a novice UFC person doesn’t like the ground game at all, for me it’s okay but could be better, but I don’t know how. The submission system has improved, it was damn near impossibe to do it in the 1st game but with practice and patient its very very easy in this game. The clinch game needs work, I don’t think the ground mini game is the right option for the clinch, it way to easy for cheesers to abuse it. Striking had the least changes theirs a kick button and a punch button and a special moves button.

THE GAME HAS MODE! EA Sports UFC 1 legit had like 3 game modes, career, exhibition and online fights. EA Sports UFC 2 gives us much more to do. For starters career mode, its pretty trash, but stilll worth a try, you can tell this mode was not a top priority. Online modes, you know me I’m no online player but I’ve always enjoyed UFC games online, but I really like them in this game. Ultimate Team is the same concept as it is in Madden but take away getting player cards with move, perks and boost cards. Your team is also created player and you fight online, theres a single player version of this mode to. Unranked matches, Practice mode, Skill Challenge, exhibition and Knockout Mode. Knockout mode is what it sounds like get that Knockout, it’s almost like a regular fighting game, this mode just with UFC fighters and moves no grappling at all in this mode. The game has some new legends and guest fighters added to the game along with Bruce Lee. Those being legends Bas Rutten and Kazushi Sakuraba. Guests boxing legend Iron Mike Tyson (young and old) and UFC commentator Joe Rogan (yes, hes playable lol). The 1st three are pre-order bonuses but can be added on but you have to pay and Rongan is unlocked with a code.

EA Sports UFC is a really enjoyable game, I actually feel I’ve learned more about the sport and how to fight with this game. I go into this game with strategies, and I know how to adjust to what the other person is doing going into round 2 and find ways to win. Maybe not a game for everyone, might only appeal to UFC fans, but this UFC fans sees the potential now in this serious to see really really really good UFC game down the line. This title is a much, much improved sequel.



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