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This the first time I ever gotten back to back Madden games, as this is only my 3rd Madden overall, of course the others being 10 and last years, 15. However Madden NFL 16 was wildly influenced by cover athlete Odell Beckham Jr. and his one handed catch. Rightfully so, it was one of the mos amazing catches, that seemed to turn him into one of the biggest superstars in the NFL, however everyone can’t do that catch, but in Madden 16, seems like anyone can. Let me explain,  Madden has new passing controls which makes the players have control on how they want to catch the ball. The catching types are as following:

By pressing X you will opt to do the RAC (Ran After Catch) catch. The results of this is intended to gain more yards, as the receiver will turn after the catch and attempt to run. The effects of this is that the RAC catch are susceptible to interception, when thrown into traffic and have a higher probability of the ball being dropped or and knocked out.

The Aggressive catch, goes back to what I was talking about early, by pressing Y, the receiver will go for the aggressive or high-point catch. These catches can show some of the best and flashiness catches in the game. One handed catches from pretty much any receiver over many defenders.  It’s a bit overpowered because when doing that catch, you pretty much feel like you can catch it at all times no matter the situation. EA Sports mention that the aggressive catch is suppose to have a “lower catch chances and higher knockout chances” but,  I found it to be easy and most reliable form of catching. This catch works best with the new high throw mechanic.

The Possession catch can be done by holding A. This catch is completely opposite of the RAC catch. The goal of this catch is to make sure you hold on to the ball, therefore sacrificing gaining yards after the catch. The receiver uses his body to protect the ball, after the catch the player will likely get put down. This catch is great to use in traffic, because at least you’ll catch the ball. This works well with the new low throw mechanic.

I’m saying all that to say this, Madden 16 has a great overall new passing game. With different options to really, give the player the choice of how he or she wants to play the game. Strategy now comes into play because of this; which is of course a good thing. Madden 15 had a overhaul on defense and Madden 16 had a overhaul on the passing game which makes this years Madden a much funnier game. Maybe Madden 17 will have an overhaul on the running game? Remains to be seen.

If you’ve read my other reviews of you’ll know I’m not to big on online, so this isn’t the place to look for an online review for Madden sorry, however I did play some draft champions and I’ll must admit its great to see a new mode in Madden. This Franchise does a good job at doing bringing in new modes (that later gets seen in many other games) and this feature I think will work. Draft Champions sounds like what it is, you draft a Football team, you get to pick from 3 cards (players) at a time. These 3 cards are random and positions are random as well and you will not know if you’ll get to use see that one again. You play with this team in a little tournament like get up and see if you can win the championship. I like that you can play your friends with theses teams as well.

Face Scans! The players look great this year, everything looks visually great this year and more lifelike than years before. A visually impressive game with finally all players not looking the same. Even some of the lesser players look like themselves, and not just all the QB’s. The Career modes could also use a refresher as its still the same ol same ol.

Overall this was a big step forwards for Madden, and if they keep improving year to year, be on the look out for a classic game in the years to come.


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