The Walking Dead: Season One

The Walking Dead:Season One: The Complete Edition takes you on one of the most intense and emotionally journeys as a gamer. The story is wonderfully writing and each character in the game is development to the point where everyone is important. This is a game i heard a lot about but didn’t believe in the hype. I saw it on plenty of game of the years and many video game count downs and kept saying it doesn’t even look that good. I finally played it and it deserved every praise it got. This is a point and click game where your decisions map out your experience.

You play as Lee Everett, and go threw his journey along side Clementine in a Zombie plague. You meet  a lot of people along the way, trying to avoid the walkers (the walking dead). Lee throughout it all just want to protect Clem. You meet friends and foes, and lose some along the way weather its from, death or them just leaving. Molly, Ben, Shawn, Lilly Carley, Glen, Kenny, Kat, Duck just to name of few, Charlie, Omid, Chrisa, so many and you learn so much about them all.

Episode 1 – “A New Day”

It’s a new day, yes it is! Sorry that was for my WWE fans reading this, Episode was not a feel out episode like other episodic video games I’ve play. This episode was filled with thrill and memorable moments.  Also decisions! Hard ones morally tested one! Save this or that, it was really though and we just getting started. You are Lee Everett, and you save your co-star, Clementine. Clem is a 1st grader a little girl, almost gets a father-daughter relationship with Lee. The ep is nicely writing and filled with, dialog that brings out the best in each character. The walking dead are coming after anyone they can bite, and once biting you become one of them. Lee is going to do all he can to save as much people as he can including himself. But without a doubt Clementine means the most to him. One episode in and I was already hooked and ready for more.

Overall Rating for the Ep-9.5

Episode 2 – “Starved for Help”

I liked this episode sort of…not as much as the first but still entertaining. A pretty big plot twist but you can sense it coming. This ep takes place 3 months after the 1st one. Your group has taken over a motel, however you guys are very low on food. That’s when you meet the St. Johns family,  nice people at first but during a zombie apocalypse its best you expect the unexpected. Your decisions are truly important and can change relationships from one ep to another. Right from the beginning your put in a “should i do it or should i don’t do it” situation and you just have to go with your cut. All actions have a reaction, so you just have to go with you gut feeling when making some of these hard decisions. Not every character is going to like what you did in this ep but on the other hand not everyone will hate you.

Overall Rating for the Ep-8.5

Episode 3 – “Long Road Ahead”

This episode did everything to play with your emotions, happy moments sad moments and just moments that made me really mad. This is the saddest episode thus far, it was like everything that could go wrong did. Don’t get attached to characters, because man do they come and go. Death or just leaving, they come and go! Being honest is what Carley advised Lee to be and open up about his past with his group members. But someone’s dishonestly played a huge part in a lot of things that went wrong. I think its best for that person to keep quiet about what he did, and even eventually admitting it to Lee wasn’t a good move. The game introduced more characters in this episode, but you don’t get a good feel for them yet. Long Road Ahead felt like a LONG episode ahead, just dragged out and out. I enjoyed some parts of the episode, but in my opinion its the worst of the 1st 3, but also the saddest, the rating goes up from a 7.8 to a solid 8 due to all the emotions it was able to being out of me. Oh, and our little friend Clem, gets a change in appearance :).

Overall Rating for the Ep-8

Episode 4 – “Long Road Ahead”

Looking for a boat, after arriving in Savannah, but their is signs of new person lurking around ringing bells and talking on Clem’s walkie talkie. You meet new friends… or foes, you meet Molly and her Lara Craft Tomb Raider weapon. Also an corrupt community  or what’s left of it. Intensely driving moments, Ben’s actions from the past haunts him threw out the episode. Lee determines the faith of some of his friends and the crew goes looking for items along with the search of a boat. This ep like all the rest has a cliffhanger, but none more intense than this one. You kinda have feeling whats ultimately going to happen, but also a glance of hope that it won’t end this way. This one left me feeling like I want to know what happens next, but at the same time… I don’t.

Overall Rating for the Ep-8.2

Episode 5 – “No Time Left”

:(. I did’t like the ending, I mean I did, but… you’d have to play the game yourself to really understand what I mean. You make the hardest most emotionally decision of the entire game in this episode. I had the game on pause for while before deciding what to do. Anyways this one starts right after the 4th, with the cliffhanger before your final dialogue. Lee is fading and fading fast because of what happen at the end of Ep4. You take along the grew you choose and the faith of most of them is unknown, in terms of the play though I went threw. Your actions from all the past ep will be brought back up and make you feel a type of way. Of course in the end all Lee wants is safe Clem, and to get is all that matters. Super cliffhanger at the end.

Overall Rating for the Ep-8.5

Special Episode– “400 Days”

This is DLC, where you control 5 new characters and see events that they went threw during the 1st 400 days of the Zombie outbreak.  The new people are, Russell, a guy trying to get to his grandmas; Bonnie, a drug feen; Shel; a fleeer with her sister Becca; Vince; a convicted killer; and Wyatt; a guy on the run from an attacker. They’re are really short, some shorter than others and some more intense than others. Vince had most entertaining one to me and I would have liked to see what happened after you finished it. Shel’s was pretty intense and had some hard decisions to make. Once you finish everyone’s little story, you are now Tavia, recruiting theses five (+6 Becca) and “save” them. Ended with another cliffhanger, and left me wanting more for sure. Theses storys are lead into the 2nd season so for a little teaser it gets the job done.

Overall Rating for the Ep-8.4

I may have not giving the eps the highest ratings and it may only average to around an 8.5, but overall the game is better. Broken into little parts I give it those rating, but as a whole game in one its gets a way higher rating. The graphics bother me when i saw clips of it on YouTube, but playing it they were actually really good. I like the faical expression and the mannerism of everyone, really life like. My only been with this game sometimes it did feel like nothing way happening and it was being dragged along. Also the timer on choices are so short you can’t read all your options some times. Gameplay wise I felt it was cool you can choose actions with the DPad and X-A-B-Y. Shooting was A instead of the right trigger so I messed up one some parts because of that. We can’t make Lee walk faster, why not?! Other than that no beef on this end.


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