WWE 2K15 (July 2015)

It’s weird that it took this long for me to truly appreciate this game.  The game finally got to a point where it was really fun to play. I got use to the slower style of gameplay and the chain wrestling, stuff like that. The game has 4 major game modes. Exhibitions (where you can just play any match type you want that’s available), WWE Universe Mode, 2K Showcase and MyCareer. Along with that is a cast of superstars, with a large number of DLC superstars, showcases and arenas. Check out the full review here.








2K ShowCase

This was the one bright spot for the game. Reliving moments of the past for WWE and great fueds. Relive the fued from the early 2000’s with Triple H and Shawn Michaels; Best Friends, Bitter Enemies. The game only starts off with two Showcases the 2nd one featuring John Cena and CM Punk;  Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect. Much shorter Showcases are added to the game as DLC, three of them to be exact. The first one features the fued of summer of 2011 with Randy Orton and Christian; One More Match. The next one centers around Mark Henry, and his road to the World Heavyweight Championship; Hall of Pain. The last one was a legendary DLC showcases honoring the late great Hall Of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior; Path of Warrior.









This mode should be great in years to come but it’s starter cap was not. The mode lacked life and story. You start off with a match in the performance center win or lose you get signed. You do well enough there you get called up to NXT where you can win the championship. Then you get called up to WWE Superstars and WWE Main Event (Which are both not brands in real life WWE). On those brands you can get the US championship or Intercontinental Championship. Once called up to Smackdown you can win the World Heavyweight Championship and on Raw you can win the WWE Championship. You get asked by Vicki which PPV’s will you like to be on, you pick three and you get a chance to be on those, and NONE eles, even if you’re World heavyweight Champion. You just get one match a month, until its a month where your in a story line but if you lose the story ends and back to doing nothing.








DLC Info

One More Match-The One More Match 2K Showcases, 2 new playable characters (Edge & Christian) 2 new version superstar (Randy Orton, and Alberto Del Rio) and arenas used in 2011.

Hall of Pain-The Hall Of Pain 2K Showcase, 1 new playable character (The Great Khali), 9 new versions of superstars already in the game (Unmasked Kane, Randy Orton, Ryback, Mark Henry, Big Show, The Usos, , Sheamus, & Daniel Bryan) and new arenas used in the showcase.

The Path of Warrior-The Path of Warrior showcase, 8 new playable character, (Hulk Hogan, Col. Mustafa, Gernal Adnan, Honky Tonk Man, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Andre The Giant, & Sgt, Slaughter), 3 new verisons of superstars (Hunter Hearst Helmsely/Triple H, The Ultimate Warrior, and The Understaker) and arenas used in the showcase.

NXT ArRival- 5 new playable characters (JBL, Emma, Adam Rose and The Ascension)

WCW Pack-4 new playable characters (Lex Luger, Bam Bam Bigelow, DDP, & Fit Finlay) 1 new version of a superstar (Lord Steven Regal/William Regal)

Season Pass-1 playable character (Paige), all 3 DLC packs for the 2K Showcases, and the Accelerator

Pre-Order-Two versions of Sting (’91 & ’99)

Hulk Hogan Bundle-Two version of Hulk Hogan (Modern & Hollywood)



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