Grand Theft Auto V

Where to start? The game is great, fun, good story, good game play, not much to complain about other then… nothing really. There’s just so much to love about this game. Get to know the protagonist and go threw their intertwine journeys to take down common enemies.  I just want to say before I get into details about this game that everything that happens in this game, is all Amanda’s fault.

Micheal (Townley) De Santa middle age retired criminal in the witness protection program after making a deal with the cops to “start a new life”.  Where he his wife and two children moved to Los Santos to start a new rich lifestyle.  Everything was fine until he caught his wife Amanda cheating on him with the tennis instructor. Which resulting in him and Franklin hinting him down taken down a house in the process. One that belong to a bad man who wanted his money back. Thus Micheal got back into the heist game just for a small job but sadly for him got recognized.

Franklin Clinton a gang banger that really doesn’t want to be a gang banger and wants more then what he has.  After breaking into Micheal’s house and stealing his son’s Jimmy’s jeep (i mean repossession it) but Frankie didn’t know Mikey was in the car. Thus the friendship begins after Michael sarcastically suggest they go for a drink. Franklin took him up on that offer, Jimmy got in huge trouble and Frank helped Micheal save him and the rest is history. Franklin got a mentor in Micheal.

Trevor Philips the misunderstood middle age nutcase. Trevor was handling his business Ashley during which he heard someone use a quote from his old “dead” friend Micheal Townley. Trevor being the angry mofo he is went on a rampage after this to trying and find the poster. Trevor had his buddy Wade track down this fellow and he showed up right at the house too see the boogeyman that is Micheal Townley. Rest is history he but in the end Trevor was able to forgive his once best friend.

The missions in this game were more then just shoot shoot shoot kill kill kill it goes beyond that which is good. The heist brought something new to GTA. Setting it up planning it and then executing.  It’s a must play at least twice type of game. Solely based off choices, with so much of it being so different no two experiences will be the same. So much stuff to do with all the different activities and just a lot of exploring. This is the biggest GTA map ever a huge map so a lot to do with the added wildlife. Go far enough in the ocean you will get eaten by a shark. Eat a certain plant and you will turn into a animal.

GTA Online 

Rough start took days for some people to finally get the server to run well but once it did boy was it fun. This of course only happen on the 360 version, online was pretty flawless from the get go on the Xbox One. With transfer players were able to take their process from old gen and bring it on to current gen.  Online is where you make a player and you do job and jobs with him. Other stuff to online game modes, and racing. Its really life like you buy a cars get insurance on them buy a house or apartment its all good stuff. Get you money up and you can really have some fun. The online heist finally got added and its good stuff.



Shawn Fonteno
Franklin Clinton

Ned Luke
Michael De Santa/Townley

Steven Ogg
Trevor Philips

Gerald 'Slink' Johnson
Lamar Davis

Vicki van Tassel
Amanda De Santa

Danny Tamberelli
Jimmy De Santa

Michal Sinnott
Tracey De Santa

Janet Hubert
Aunt Denise

Rockstar North

Rockstar Games

Take-Two Interactive

Leslie Benzies
Imran Sarwar

Leslie Benzies
Imran Sarwar

Adam Fowler

Aaron Garbut

Dan Houser
Rupert Humphries
Michael Unsworth

Tangerine Dream
Woody Jackson
The Alchemist
Oh No


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