D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die (February 2017)

Contuing the trend that I started last year, we have another short game as the game of the month for the shortest month of the year, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. Disclaimer, Game of the Month is not the best game of the month it’s the featured game of the month, therefore, some not so great games will be talked about. We keep it real and diversified here at Z3 Gaming. Lets discuss this not so friendly kinect friendly game. Basically you play as a time traveling detective trying to figure out who killed his wife. You’re David Young and the only clue that Little Peggy (David’s wife) as given you is “look for D”, a lot of D’s going on in this one folks. This is one of those weird games and not like the good weird, like the weird, weird.

All the characters are weird, especially the fellow with the knife and fork in the picture above staring at David. This dude pissed me off with his weirdness, always looking at me with his tall self. It just weirded me out, theirs this crazy girl on the airplane who was super weird. One of the airplane workers was super weird always inhaling blood smoke or something. When you go back to the present day, your friend thats also a deceptive he’s weird always eating everything. The neighbor who acts like she’s a human cat, catch my drift? Everyone is weird in this game. Expect David, the damn time traveler is the most normal one. OH, lets not forget the fashion guy whose dating the manikin. Like Bruh? I’m sleep like Antonio in the picture below.

This is an episodic game by the way, 3 in all. The prologue which is short, the first episode which is mainly the bulk of the game, which takes places in the airplane, and the 2nd episode, that also takes place in the airplane but in a different part and is also pretty short. All were pretty boring, honestly, but the last episode actually felt like the game was going to turn and become better, than it just ended. A bad ending, a why did it just end, ending. As soon as things got interesting it was all over, and now I wait for D4 part 2 but i doubt that will ever happen.

The kinect controls don’t really work, they don’t respond well and I just don’t think a point and click type game works with a kinect feature. It just makes your arms tired and I got annoyed and quickly picked up the controller to make my experience a little bit smoother. When I did this the game got a little bit better. (The controller feature, was actually added later on, so the game could be at least playable.) The art style of the game is probably the best thing about he game, the story and stuff all have potential, I think the focus was to much on ,making it a kinect game, rather than making it a good story driving game, which is the direction they should’ve went in my opinion.

Some people actually really like this game, their into weird, weird, I guess I’m not. Full review click here.

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