The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Retail Trailer

For those who wanted to, did, and could wait for the physical copy of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, pretty much already knew it would be released on February 28, and for those of you who did this, here a cute little retail trailer for y’all.  This is the season pass disc and right away you will get to play Ties That Bind’ Part I  and Part II (episode 1 and 2). Also upon release you get instant access to the remaining episodes of the season.

Now to the juicy stuff! To my surprise episode 3 Above The Law, will not be released on the same day as the retail version, nor is it coming out earlier in the month of February. Instead it has be revealed that the episode will be released some time next month. My guess is later on in the month, maybe the last Tuesday or the 2nd to last Tuesday of March. Either way I’m excited.

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