NBA 2K17 (January 2017)

We start off the new year with some Basketball. NBA 2K17 is the first game of the month of 2017. Some call this game a classic, some just call it another NBA 2k, but regardless of how you feel about it, you’re playing it. Well, maybe not, but at least you’ve played it. For me, this 2K is not a classic, whereas I enjoyed it, its one of my least played NBA 2K’s. Really the only mode I really played was MyCareer. MyCareer is much improved and well this entire game is an improvement over, what I believe to be a lackluster year of NBA2k.

Lets just get theses out of the way, MyPark, MyTeam, Play Now Online, Blacktop, All-Star Team-Up and Pro-Am are just a selected list of modes in this game I have no interest in playing. But look how many modes that is! Proving, how deep NBA 2K17 is and how the game just as enough to fill everyone’s needs. But if you’re looking for a review on why those modes are great or even not great, this isn’t the place to be. Now you might be asking, besides MyCareer, what are you playing Zachary? Well, I’m create players and using that create feature heavy. Speaking of creating, I’m also playing MyGM and MyCareer.

First lets talk MyCareer. MyCareer is back to the way it use to be before Spike Lee turned it upside down, spat on it, and gave it to us last year. Albeit I didn’t hate the story last year, but it was not forever one. The Medal Gear Solid long cutscenes are gone, and that ones that are in are really brief. However, the game still has a story which is fine, in this story feature, a player named Joseph Young played by actor Micheal B. Jordan. I wasn’t mad at it, mad for a duel mode during gameplay where you can control both you player and Young. That was really fun. I loved the practice aspect of the game, where going to practice does in fact help your player.

MyGM and MyCareer are somewhat the same, but the differences they do have make all the differences. . . MyGM is more realistic, you control one team, and face off vs the rest of the NBA. You don’t get much control of anything but your team. But in MyLeague, you control everything, and anything you want. With the ability to now recreate all 30 teams and even add up to 6 new teams to the league, make your imagination run wild and have fun. You can even alter rules now, in both modes. By far the best franchise modes.

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