Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. The classic Sleeping Dogs get remastered version for the Xbox One, that includes all the DLC. This includes the two mission bonus packs “Nightmare in North Point” and “Year Of The Snake” along with the GSP pack, that featured his famous superman punch, Sleeping Dogs is in the Z3Gaming Hall Of Fame Class Of 2015. Going threw this was my 2nd play though and I’ll try to do this review from as if it was my first. 

Lets start with the story and characters, in Sleeping Dogs you play a undercover cop named Wei Shen. He goes undercover and joins a triad gang called the “Water Street Gang” which is under the Sun On Yee. Shen is faced with a task of morals, as he grew up with some of the people in the gang. Most notable is his best friend Jackie Ma. Jackie is a low leveled gangster, who basically gets Wei into the gang. As you play you’ll find out Wei, becomes loyal and seems to becoming one of them. This is problematic as he’s really there to set them up and help clean up Hong Kong. The game is built with strong characters with strong traits. The 18K, cops and Sun On Yee are all weighing in on Wei’s journey. Overall its a great story, that takes many twist and turns and that has surprising moments that add to the drama. You’ll get invested and not only to Wei, but to other characters, he may not spend a long time dealing with other characters, but the moments that he shares with them are all valuable.

Moving on to the improvements of this remastered. The game looks really good, they did a excellent job upgrading the graphics to the power of the Xbox One. Some of the cars look boxlike however, but theses are usually the non exotic cars. The high profiled fancy cars all look great. The city is larger, what i mean by this is, more pedestrians activity, more cars on the roads things like that. Overall its just a remaster so no real changes to gameplay or story, just a visually upgrade, from 360 to Xbox One.

This brings me to the bad. To many cars! Some people might like this, and I understand Hong Kong is filled with traffic, but not everything has to true to life! I never been in so many traffics jams before in a video game. The driving in this game isn’t the best either, turning can be problematic. Driving a bike is more fun than driving a car, because you can slip in between things. Also the drivers A.I on NPC aren’t to smart. 50/50 chance they stop when you do, if you stop and pullover (forgot to mention the streets are tiny) then will just ram right into you. Often times on highways at the exit, two cars will stop next together, neither letting the other pass. Sometimes cars will just stop for no reason, no red light, nothing just not moving. The GPS isn’t terrible, but its not up to par with other games. In one mission it was really bad putting me in circles far from the target place. It was so bad I gave up trying to figure out how to get there, and just took a taxi.  Shooting isn’t great in this game either, but I can look pass that as this is more of a combat style shooter. A personally bad for me was having to be a certain level to wear some clothes, just let me put on whatever I want if i have money! Lastly the game is easy, frustration free, easy to beat game. I had to restart maybe 4 times in total, some missions were annoying but none were difficult. This could be a result of a second play though however. I did run into problems on the 360, and when I replayed the game, I kept thinking, I had a hard time on this mission? Even the final mission was pretty easy, long yes, but hard not really. Some of the accents in the game are so bad, its really cringe, same with some of the dialogue. One thing I found super annoying was every time you buy new clothes you hear “its takes guts to wear that” its made me mad every time!

Enough of the bad, on to the good, because their is a lot good about this game. As expressed earlier the story is fantastic, the characters are fantastic and Wei Shen is a fantastic protagonist. But the little gems make this game specials. The game features 3 skill tress, all upgradeable when filling up the matter. You have a Face Meter, a Triad Meter and Cop Meter, once you fill them up you get a choice pick one of two things to upgrade each time. Triad Meter is obviously, Triad stuff, the way you fight, slick talking doing “dirty” things. The cop meter is the “good” things, not stealing, not breaking things and things like that. You get these up when doing main story missions or detective missions. The Face meter is a little different, the skill tree on this one isn’t a optional upgrade, you get upgraded to whatever is next on the skill tree, side mission matter! Doing side missions, favors and events are the way to get your face meter up. Do favors you can get some nice awards out of some of them, especially the “Girlfriends” side events. Not only do side missions matter, collectibles matter! Yes, you get rewarded for finding things, so actually going around looking for things is worth it. You can collect lockbox all over Hong Kong, some open on its one and some you have to pick the lock, in theses you can get clothing and $5,000 to $15,000 easy money. Also really hard to find are little red envelopes, that are filled with money, $50,000 and I think I even found one with $75,000, I could be wrong, but 100% you’ll get at least $50,000 for each one you find. You can tell making money in this game is fairly easy and quick, my Wei Shen was rich pretty early in the game, and i bought and expensive car right away, although you can’t store any cars, unless you buy or unlock them.

Another thing to collect is Heath Shrines, getting theses will provide a health boost, increasing Wei’s maximum health. Lastly, statues, find theses and return to the dojo and learn new moves, each statue you find, you get a new move, find them all you get the ultimate move! You’re going to want to do this, as mention early this game is more of a melee combat than a shooter. So the more moves you know, the funnier the fights will be. Its really cool, how they incorporated little combos to execute moves. You’ll unlock houses in the game, you can really edit them, but randomly thought the map is people selling things for you to add in your house. The Night Market sells a bed and bird, the night market is like a little flee store kind of deal. Most of the clothes their are bootleg its pretty funny, along with the food vendors in this game. A man who never had a pork bun, is never a true man! So much to love about this game I don’t want to ruin it all, please play this game.

Overall, superb game.


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