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Battlefield 4, first off this is a review solely on the campaign, yes I played some of the multiplayer and ill admit its fun but, I’m just not into multiplayer FPS yet. Therefore I haven’t played enough and don’t plan on doing so to give a review on it. Now, lets move on Battlefield 4 is a great game. You might seen complaints about the story mode but honestly I liked it. Most people who thinks it sucks or is the worst FPS campaign ever probably couldn’t beat it, and honestly thats well understandable because this game has some insanely hard mission. I somehow, being the beast that I am, was able to finish this game in about three days. Thats after getting stuck on two incredible hard missions.

Baby steps before I start ranting about those missions, I’ll talk about more of the general aspect of this game.  It’s your typical army game! OK, I’ll be honest I haven’t played enough army games to know what a typical army game is. Heck, Battlefield is the only army type game I’ve played (at least at the time writing this review.) But man was this game intense. Right from the start, the action felt great, the intensely was just awesome, and first impressions were a good one.

You start of with the little how too in this game, like most and one of the better features of this game (this could be in other Battlefields but honestly I don’t remember if they’re…) is the engage. Its where you tell your squad where to aim, and which enemies to attack, this featured worked great in the tutorial, and I got some squad kills but after that useless. Yes your squad is useless, everyone and a while they’ll kill some one but its far and few in between. I can’t tell you how many times Pac, Hannah or Irish was right next to an enemy and couldn’t kill them. Anyways the engage feature is still great because, it shows where your target is. I used it mostly to find my enemies. By the way the squad wasn’t completely useless, because engage doesn’t always work but you can find where some enemies are by seeing where your squad is shooting.

You play a marine named Sgt. Daniel “Reck” Recker, who you never get a glimpse of, and have no earthly idea of what you look like! But thats neither here or there, Reck is second-in-command of a U.S. special operations squad callsigned “Tombstone”. Apparently the plot is a follow up to events that happen in Battlefield 3. A war of the 2020 is breaking loose and Russia and the United States are going at it. Doesn’t help matters that China is getting  involved. Russia and China are looking to join forces with Admiral Chang looking to overthrow the Chinese government. If he completes  this task, China will gain Russias support and start a war on the U.S.

The game as a few missions (7 Chapters) but they’re pretty lengthy all things considering, some are harder than others but two of them are insanely hard.  The first one being, Chapter 4: Singapore. I don’t most players got passed this mission, because it was just so hard. It doesn’t start off hard, about midway through it gets hard, when the tanks start popping up. You’re in a tank fighting off others tank and soldiers on feat with rocket launchers. Your damage not to big, you have to blast other tanks at least repeatlve before its blow up, as for you 3 good shots and its all over. Now you get pass all those tanks, you think it’ll get easier now WRONG. Now you’re on foot trying to take out 4 tanks, and a ton of soldiers on feet! Depending on how well your tank is holding up you’ll likely end up doing this mission on feet. This mission was hard but, the next one might have been harder, Chapter 6: Tashgar, the 2nd to last mission. This mission would have been less stressful if they just gave us checkpoints! The entire missions isn’t extremely hard just the 1st part, “Reach the Old House” this is a lengthy battle that has NO checkpoints. There 5 phases of this missions where they’re should have been a check point. It took me two hours and intense patients and strategy to figure this mission out. Its not a mission you can rush unfortunately.

Overall, Battlefield 4 is fun. When its not super difficult processing threw it is fun because of its intensity. The plot is no Oscar worthy stuff, and honestly, fighting out the end goal took a while but the some of the cutscene were really cool and the 1st person view of it was definitely a nice touch. I played this game after playing Battlefield Hardline (hardline was my 1st Battlefield) and well this one is a lot better.

This is a story mode only review so thats why I gave it the rating i did.



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