Mirror’s Edge (November 2016)

For the 1st time ever a fully Xbox 360 game will be featured here on Z3 Gaming, and its not a remaster its Mirrors Edge, this month’s game of the month.  Mirror’s Edge is cult classic that came out years ago, the game is a cult classic due to its innovative parkour gameplay. It’s also a 1st person platformer, which at the time was just so much newest introduced to the world. All of this sounds great and like I said its a cult classic, so many many people love this game, but its not forever, and unfortunately I’m one of those people that’s its not for. Let me explain, this isn’t a review so I won’t go super detail.

The game is insanely stressful, with the parkour (which it is fun) mixed with the 1st person had it challenges when it came to camera view. The worst of it was during combat, when she would be get off target and it was hard to recover fast enough to find your target, than all of a sudden you’re dead. You get hit 3 times you’ll die but if if you get shot up you’ll last longer??? Also when it came to ammo, the blues (as they’re referred to in the game have infinite ammo, whereas when Fatih grabs the gun, she only has a few shots, this came be a real pain in certain circumstances. The most stressful part were some of the puzzles, figuring out the puzzle wasn’t the problem but executing them were. Every single mission in the game had at least 1 puzzles that could be insanely hard to do. You’d have to jump at the perfect spot and angle and after plenty of tries, after stressing it you’ll get it. You also might not want to risk stop playing, due to not being sure where the checkpoint is for saves.

I got a little ahead of myself, in this game you’re playing the role of Faith a runner who is well always on the run. The plot of the game is pretty simple, Faith’s sister got framed for murder and Faith is who a regular with having problems with the cops, is trying to find the real killer. The story is okay, they tried hard to make it interesting and have plot twist and keep it interesting but its nothing over the top.

As you see from the pictures the cutscenes aren’t cinematic but rather and cartoon art style, which is fine. As for a game that  came out a long time ago the graphics might be the best thing about this game. I’ll be honest without the red clues I’d probably be really bad at Mirror’s Edge, the highlighted jump points helped so much when figuring out some of the puzzles, this is a game where you think “she can’t make that jump” but she can. Never leave out any possibilities. The game is very short 10 missions in total, a really skilled player could beat this game really quick and probably breeze through the missions (there is a mode for this) within mins. For me each mission took about two hours so yeah o.o. I didn’t “grind” this game once I finished a mission  I took a break before starting the next. Besides the story mode the game has a Race that has Speed Run (which is seeing how fast you can finish the missions) and Time Trial (a timed course).




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