Mafia III

Mafia III is a really, really great game if your expectations for it isn’t “oh my god look at this GTA-like game”. If that’s what you’re looking for outta Mafia you won’t get it. I for one really enjoyed Mafia and was ready to give this game a 9.4, but then reality kicked in and I bumped it down to the rating below, which still might be too high due to some other visual things and “smaller” details that affect the game. I really should be giving this game a 8.4 but, nah I liked it enough to give it the rating I did.

Mafia III is set in New Bordeaux, Louisiana a fictional recreation of New Orleans, Louisiana. The game is not set in the present time, as everything is taking place in the past and is being “told” from the perspective of others, who knew you, Lincoln Clay, the protagonist and/or his story. It’s like watching a documentary getting, and detectives, experts and other people from Clay’s life are giving their feedback of what happened. The event being told all took place in the 60’s and had all the racial tension that went on in the 60’s.

The game is extremely straightforward, let me explain, Lincoln Clay has a goal of taking out the mob and he’s going to do it with no distractions. This means, the open world in this game isn’t so open. No interactive places, unless you count breaking into stores and stealing from the cash register.  No customizations, you can’t, trick out cars, change Lincoln Clay’s clothes or hair/facial hair and you can’t edit a safe house.  Theses are all key features in open world games I know, but theses are the main reason’s I don’t compare GTA but more so to something like Just Cause where you also can’t customize anything. However, a patch or DLC whatever you wanna call it, is planned on being release so that you can change Lincoln’s outfits. Now that I got the general stuff out the way I’m going to try and new review style and break this down in parts. Characters, Story, The Good, and The Bad. (Gameplay will be talked about in both good and bad).

The Character

The game has strong characters, all with deep personalities and unique character traits. The main character, Lincoln Clay is easily one of the best protagonist in gaming. He has strong personality and is extremely intense, but at the same time he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and will spur out funny lines from time to time. He is an orphan and Vietnam War veteran, being a veteran he has a coldness about him and it explains his ways of figuring out “how” to go do a mission. Clay’s new family is consisted of Cassandra, Vito Scaletta and Thomas Burke. Cassandra is extremely rough around the edges, when she wants things her way and doesn’t get it, almost to the point of being annoying.  But if she does get her way she is very appreciative. Vito is all about loyalty, he expect the same loyalty he gives you, to come back to him, and vice versa.  When he doesn’t get his way he isn’t has harsh as Cassandra but, but you can tell he starts to gain concern over your loyalty. Another guy who is very appreciative when he gets his way. Thomas Burke is crippled drunk, who was really hard headed at first but he does come around quickly. When he doesn’t get his way he might be moody or he might just brush it off, he’s not as appreciative when he does get his way, its almost like a “duh, I’m the right choice” kind of attitude.  Other strong characters are John Donovan who will help you a lot in the story and Father James.

The Story

Without giving up too much, the story is dark and edgy, even controversial. I was into it, the game isn’t racist, characters in the game are. But you’re playing a black guy in the 1960’s so yeah you do the math, Clay faced a lot of racial tension, but I was caught a little of guard when I step into a white only place and was told “this is place is white only boy” but that’s besides the point. After being betrayed by the mob, Clay was on a path of vengeance, to get to the leader of the mob, pillar by pillar of his empire.  Clay did just that starting from the bottom of the food chain to get to the top. Decisions will be made by you, whether or not you want to Cassandra, Vito, or Burke happy  or not. Taking over New Bordeaux means taking out rackets, one you do this you make the call to one of the 3 and tell them to run it. After you take over all the rackets in district, the 4 of you will have a sit down and you will give one of them the district.  Up to you on how you want to play this, you can keep them all happy, or keep two happy leave out one or keep one happen and leave out two.  Each person has perks, which will be giving to you one you give them rackets and you keep them why you give them districts.

The Bad

The game has bugs, it can get really glitchy. I ran across 3 really big bugs where, I couldn’t continue the mission because a door wouldn’t prompt the option to open. Resulting in me in ether having to restart the entire mission or get lucky and have the checkpoint come just before this mess up. Other times you will be driving and the game will just freeze for about 15 seconds and finally come back. The pre-order DLC family kick-back pack did not come right away, by the time I got it I had long beat the game. All the customization features or should I say no customization features. Would have been really nice to put your own little spin on Lincoln Clay. The lighting can get really bad in this game this was one of my biggest frustrations throughout the game. In some missions you can literally see nothing and you’re just guess shooting, luckily having this X-Ray like vision ability that allows you to see where enemies are. The light is either too bright or too dark. You can’t jump, you can only climb. Game can be extremely repetitive, earning 2 rackets from 9 districts, you’re doing a lot of the same thing over and over.  The game doesn’t have a ton of side missions, you have 6 types of  “optional missions” and yeah they’re all pretty much the same. Sometimes the reload speed takes forever and it always happens at the worst time. Witnesses are annoying, and so is knocking them out every time you do a crime. This can also happen during the worst times during a mission. The prologue was really long and boring.

The Good

Some will say the shooting mechanics are less than desirable and same with the stealth functionally, but I didn’t go into Mafia III expecting a revolutionary game mechanics, so I was satisfied. I never felt more gangster in a game than I did with Mafia, because Lincoln is a bad dude, and your playstyle depends on how you want to it to be so you make him as savage as you want. Ammo is to get back, once you kill enemies just pick it up. You get a lot of money really fast, you might think there’s nothing to spend it on but their is. You can speed it on ammo and guns when you call him up to the arms dealer. When you don’t have makers you’ll have to pay for a few perks, like backup, phone operator and someone to call off the police. Other perks are free, like the arms dealer, car deliver and someone to take your money and put it in the bank (always do this, when you die you lose half the money in your wallet. Two driving modes, driving on normal wasn’t good, but I enjoyed driving on simulation. Collectibles. Overall the good about this game was that it was just fun.  Once you get past the prologue, you might get hooked on this game.

Overall Mafia III unfortunately isn’t for everybody. Its not a GTA-like game, its more of a Assassin Creed type game believe or not. I had high expectations for this game, as I’ve been wanting it for awhile, I was disappointed at first because of the prologue, but a strong strong and a great protagonist, in Lincoln Clay made this game extremely pleasurable, thus meeting my expectation. The toughest grade was figuring out the graphic rating as at times the game looks great and other times the lighting really hurts the looks.


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