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Battlefield Hardline. Did you watch the video above? Please do if you haven’t. Now that you have isn’t that a fire trailer? Admit tweet me @Zblaze and tell me that wasn’t a fire trailer! Dare ya. Okay so establish that the trailer for this game is great and you think the game will be amazing after seeing all that right? Well it wasn’t. The trailer is better than the entire game, if we’re being honest.

Now visually the game is amazing, besides The Witcher 3, I’m not sure I’ve seen a better looking game. But the gameplay isn’t so amazing… 1st let me get this out the way, this review is purely on the campaign mode, as I’ve stated in many other reviews, I’m not super into online modes. I’ve played a really little bit of this game online, and I didn’t like it, so take that however you wanna.

Now back to the campaign mode, it’s broken down into 10 episode, and they did try to have a TV feeling for it, with the intro for the prologue and the “next time on Hardline” when you leave a episode or the “previously on Hardline” whenever you start a new episode. It was a nice little presentation and the game  did kind of start off with a bang, but that intensely didn’t last. The game is very sloooow, but the fast paced, high action stuff were really good, to bad it was a rarity in the game. The episodes are short, not a lot of objectives, a very skilled played could beat the entire thing super fast, and lesser player might struggle a little bit and end up dragging out an episode, because they get stuck. That was me, getting stucked, and often thinking “this game is so stupid” because of how many enemies were at one place and checkpoints not coming when I wanted them too.

It really felt like every other episode was bad, like all of the odd episodes weren’t good and the even numbers were good. Episode 7 was good and 9 also but the other odd numbers were boring! Episode 5 being the worst of the entire game. You literally did nothing but walk and hide.

Let’s get down to gameplay! I found two guns and basically used them the entire game. The guns sucked in this game or I’m just bad, either way I my sniper skills were on point in this game, as I found that the easiest way to aim. The game is in 1st person and it’s so realistic that they don’t have a aim meter thing, so you have to aim the gun like you would if it was real. I hope that makes sense. Also, I got really mad at one part of the game, where I was pretty far from the enemy, I couldn’t hit them, but they could hit me ??? -_-. Driving in this game is stupid, the 1st person driving was in the realm of GTA V‘s and not like a driving game.  But you can’t look back, yes you can’t see in your rearview and that’s so bad. Good luck reversing. One thing I did like was the arrest feature. You could stop the amount of people you have to fight, by simpling arresting them. You sneak up on an enemy tell him to freeze and boom arrest them.

Moving on, the game took itself seriously and that kind of killed it, they went for straight action movie and forgot to make it funny, but thank god for Boomer. Once you meet Boomer, the game gets a small bit of comic relief that it needed. You (a cop) Nick Mendoza is pretty seriously characters and you partner Khai Minh Dao a even more serious character, it was just too much seriousness. By the way, at different times of the game you’ll have people with you, that don’t help at all. You’ll get that RARE moment when they do kill an enemy but don’t count at it. Oh and the CPU not even caring about them, strictly focus on you. But at least you don’t have to babysit them, because they don’t have health bar. But you do, and sometimes they will at at least throw you a medkit.

I often called Nick the weakest protagonist ever, because his lifebar goes down so fast. He’s not, after thinking about it, other games have fast dropping health bar but I just dont think its good for a game like this. This is strictly personal however because, I like to run and gun, and when stuff gets wild, I’ll eat bullets until i find cover and recover. I couldn’t do that in this game! Had to adjust and I did and I was able to beat this game quickly.

Overall, this is my 1st Battlefield experience and I got duked. Saw the trailer and commercials and though the game was going to be amazing, but it wasn’t. The game had massive potential but the campaign mode felt so rushed. Honestly, I really do wonder how good this game would be if it was open world.  In my opinion the game keeps you playing, because when you finally get threw the boring stuff, the end of the episode gets that cliffhanger that makes you want to go on, and those intros are so good that it keeps you playing right until you hit the boring middle. I don’t think I’d recommend this one. But visually it’s amazing.



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