State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is a remastered version of the cult classic from the Xbox Arcade simply named, State of Decay.  The game is a 3rd person zombie-survival horror real life simulator with RPG elements.  That sounds extremely ambitioius and it is! However with that ambitious comes bugs and this game has a lot of them, but not enough to not play as this is a must play for zombie lovers and a really fun game for those who just like video games. The Year-One Edition comes complete with the DLC’s of Breakdown and Lifeline.

The game starts off in the woods, you start off as a man named Marcus Campbell and along with your friend Ed, you come quick to realize, weird people are eating other people! Soon to find out that that yes indeed, the place is invading with zombies, or Zeds like they call them in the game. SoD reminds me of The Walking Dead games, but instead of focusing on the narrative, the focus is all about the survival. What does this mean? It means build your community, set up your base camp and do the necessary things you need to survivor. The playable characters in the this game, come from your community. That means you can have up to 15+ playable characters depending on your community size. A big community has its pluses, more people to defend the base, but also has its negatives, more people to have to share with, whether it be food, time to rest or ammo and guns. Oh and in your base, you can upgrade it, and have the things you want it to have and feel will best help you out. I found that only 3 people that were in my community were unplayable.

I’ve died less times in SoD than I have in any other game! How is this possible? Well once you die in SoD that’s it there’s no coming back, that character is dead, no respawns here. I lost 5 of my community members and  3 of them were due to my mistakes, where the other 2 died being controlled by the CPU. This sucks as  you don’t want to lose characters but this is an awesome feature that keeps you on your toes and makes surviving in this game even more important. You don’t learn to much about the characters, but you still can become attached to some, if you had them for a long time, or use them alot and start to really get good stats on them. Most of the characters are generic but it took a while before two of my community members had the same exactly player mode in terms of face. None of them dressed the same but a lot of them shared the same voice actor. This became a pain, as it was confusing, when two characters with the same voice actor were talking to one another.

Taking care of your community is important, and you’ll often get side missions, from you community members that you aren’t controlling at the moment, they will wonder off on their own, this is one of the best features in the game because the game doesn’t have a lot of missions, so this gives the game added purposes, instead of you just breezing through the game quickly or just killing zombies nonstop. Theses people might go missing, (either from running away or by hiding from zombies) or just need your help in whatever adventure they’re doing. Other events you do with them are, help them when they become disgruntled, or when they become scared along with some combat training.

Earlier I mention Zeds, well this game isn’t the Walking Dead and if you get bit by these zombies, you will not turn! Only a death can turn you, however this game has super zombies, and well they are called Freaks. There are 5 of theses type, and they possess abilities that the regular zombies don’t have. The Screamers (the annoying ones, they do just that, scream and once they scream more zombies come), the Army Zombies/SWAT Zombies (apparently they’re different but eh, they zombies that were SWAT or army members), Feral (one of theses killed [Devin, this is not a spoiler, you might not even get Devin, plus you experience will be different from mine, trust me, you’re Devin might even make it!] theses guys are fast, tall and dangerous), the Bloaters (they kill themselves, but release poisonous gases, upon death), and lastly  the one I feared the most that gave me my 1st death, by killing my homie Marcus, the Juggernaut (they’re huge, and powerful, and very hard to kill, run them over!!![it’ll destroy your car though]).

That’s bassically it, the story is really just there to give you added things to do, some of the missions are just literally go to a location have talk and it’s mission over.  You’ll have hordes (a pack of zombies roaming together) and infestations (a place packed with zombies lead by one or two screamers) to take out.  You have this thing called influence, its basically currency, this will get you out of jams, play the game to really find out what this is about.

Now all of this sounds great, but the game has bugs, and sometimes in the wrong place at the wrong time. NPC getting stucked, completely hurting you process in the game, because they won’t move, and you can’t save during a mission, so if you gone threw alot and they just happen to freeze, well you either wait (and hope) until they unfreeze or just start the mission all over. Also the game is to dark, at night you can barely seen anything, and the “flashlight” aka a random light triggered in front of them, is really ineffective. Other than that a overall very enjoyable game.

The Year one Edition features two DLC moes called Breakdown and Lifeline.


A endless mode with the main goal of surviving! It’s not a mission based mode because their is no story to it and no ending. However the game has a little challenges to do  depending on your level. You level up by loading up on the RV. However when you do this the difficulty will rise and the zombies will be twice as hard. I enjoyed this mode for a bit but didn’t play long due to repetitiveness. It was fun for a while doing things to surviving day by day but without actually objectives, I was often left with nothing to do, until hoping someone needs my help. Unplayable characters from the main game can actually be playable in this mode.  They will have different voices and their “story” won’t carry over. The only person who stays the same is Lilly. You get these heros when you finish a challenge. I didn’t notice any of the playable characters with importance carrying over. Jacob had main role in the story and I’m sure anyone who played the game would meet him in the main story, he’s playable in both modes.


Undead Labs

Microsoft Studios

Nordic Games (Year One)

Jeff Strain
Jessica Brunelle

James Phinney
Richard Foge
Nick Mhley

Shaun Leach

Doug Williams

Travis Stout

Jesper Kyd

CryEngine 3.1

  • Quantum Break

  • NBA 2K16

  • Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

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