Saints Row IV:Re-Elected + Gat Out Of Hell (May 2015)

Get your guns out in this thriller of a game called Saints Row 4. The game comes to Xbox one and PS4 after being on PS3 and Xbox 360. This one you get everything however. ALL the DLC’s and the standalone DLC Gat Out of Hell. Where do I begin with this game of the week? Ok ok you start off as a mute foot solider, then became the leader of the 3rd St Saints, then you become an A-lister now your the prez of the United State!

I must say you’ve come along way from that that kid in Steelwater. This game you didnt battle three diffrent gangs, you only had to deal with one. Only this is no normal gang because its ran by a big dude named Zinyak. Oh yeah and its a gang of Aliens no biggie right? Wrong! This game is full of fun however and I think it has elements to make all Saints Row fans happy. Because of the run in with memery lane in Benjamin King, Shaundi, and Johnny Gat nightmare simulation. Both having stuff from Saints Row 1 and 2. Along with that it had the feel of Saints Row 3. Saints Row had its on things to make it feel like its on game, you get superpowers!

The leader of the Saints takes out wardents and take a power from them from each of them he got a diffrent which gave him 4 powers with many diffrent elements to add a twist to it. You always get super speed and jump. Lets not forget weaponds, you got your normal weaponds which you can upgrade and make it your own but you also get alians weaponds. My favorite one being the bounce gun.


The gang is all here, because the bulk of the gameplay doesn’t take place in the real world you get to see all the old people from the game, like a Juillus or a Tonya. Lets not forget bad boy Johnny Gat also returned in this and we find out he never died in the first place! You also get your normal homies, Piece, Shaundi, Kinze, along with new Matt Miller, Asha Odekar, CID and Keith David (yes the actor). Along with these you get old homies like Benjamin King, fun Shaundi and as mention before Johnny Gat. Oh and for WWE fans Roddy Piper!

This is a game I feel all gamers should play at least twice in their life, only because the 2nd time around for me was alot more fun then the 1st time. If you want to see the full review of this game check it out here. Saints Row IV:Re-Elected.



 Enter The Dominatrix

This DLC pack is what Saints Row 3 should have had but instead it turned into Saints Row IV with a huge twist. If the story that Voltion had for ETD was true in SRIV SRIII it was a good change. This was a strange DLC but the way they put it together was kind of funny. Making it seem like a show talking about it behind screnes. We saw Donnie who was suppose to be in it and others like Jane Valderama (voice only). This isn’t too fun and the ended was beyond weird. But Saints Row has a history of underwhelming dlc mission packs.


How The Saints Saved Christmas

Snow in Steelport! You have to save Christmas and save Santa Claus, the North Pole and all that jazz. Zinyak has Santa going crazy in his nightmare and its up to you to save it. Future Shaundi comes and tells what happening and that you have to take down Clawz the evil Santa. You even get to meet Mrs. Claus and she’s a fighter. In the end you end up learning the meaning of Christmas and finally get on you way to get on the nice list. This is another dlc that isn’t all that. But it has its moments.


Gat Out Of Hell

Considering this is a standalone dlc you can see the review for this page here. Saints Row:Gat Out Of Hell. This dlc was another miss its just doing the same things over and over again. Lack of a story. Its Kinze brithday, the boss gets taken to hell, you have to use either Johnny or Kinze to get the boss back. The devil wants the boss to marry his daughter and well you got to stop that.



DLC Info

When you get the game don’t forget you get over $80 worth of DLC so if you get an XboxOne/PS4 and get this game to use all the DLC you didn’t feel like paying for on the old gen. The DLC’s are as following. Anime pack, Bling Bling Pack, Bradygames Pack, Child’s play pack, College Daze pack, Commander-in-Chief pack, Dubset Gun (Remix) pack, Element of Destruction pack, Executive Privilge pack, Game On Pack, Gamestop Weapon Contest, GAT V pack, Grass Roots pack, Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’ pack and a whole bunch more! Also exculives to next gen is the Plague of Frogs pack. Lets not for get bonus mission packs like Enter The Dominarix and How The Saints Save Christmas. Lets not forget the standalone DLC that comes with the same Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell with the Devil’s Workshop pack.

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