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  • Dishonored 2

    Dishonored 2 is the closest thing to a ereorror game that isn’t even close to horror, does that make sense? No? Geez, well the game is creepy. Dishonored 1 was weird, Dishonored 2 is creepy, …

  • Dishonored Definitive Edition

    Dishonored Definitive Edition, is clearly the remastered version of Dishonored that came out in 2012 for Xbox 360. I didn’t play that version, so I can’t tell you whats on the up and up in …

  • NBA 2K14

    NBA 2K14… disclaimer… this is a really late review, because I just want every game I have to be featured on this website. NBA 2K14 was indeed the first game I bought when I got …

  • D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

    D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, is weird game, like a really really weird game. The game plays like a TV Show with opening credits and dialogue narration from the protagonist, things of that nature.  Dubbed …

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