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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a 1st person shooter and the first, 1st person shooter that’s being reviewed on Z3 Gaming has its the 1st, first person shooter I’ve played and finished on Xbox One and …

  • The Walking Dead: Michonne

    The Walking Dead: Michonne, shows the story of Michonne, yeah not really. You get a piece of her backstory in a way I didn’t enjoy it being told. Getting a back story during hallucination, during …

  • Life Is Strange

    Life Is Strange is the game that started my journey into playing games I don’t usually play. I played the 1st 4 episode of this (ep 5 wasn’t out yet) and then started playing TellTale …

  • Overwatch

    Overwatch: Origins Edition

    Overwatch: Origins Edition, is a game I never expected to ever play better yet enjoy. It’s a 1st person shooter which I’m starting to not dislike as much as I did when I was younger, been …

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